Tips for Exercising During Your Period

Exercising during your period can be exhausting, uncomfortable, and painful. However, reducing the intensity and resting more can be key to exercising on those days.
Tips for Exercising During Your Period

Last update: 13 October, 2020

Many women decide not to exercise when they’re on their period. However, exercising during your period is a good idea if you take some recommendations into account. Find out more in the following article!

Can you exercise during your period?

This is one of the most common questions female athletes or those women who go to the gym several times a week, make. Although you’re more likely to want to stay home watching TV or reading a book on the couch than exercising during your period, the truth is that exercising can be beneficial.

For many women, exercising when they’re on their period can be uncomfortable and even painful. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that staying active on those days can help:

1. Control mood swings

When you exercise, your body produces hormones called endorphins, known as the “happiness hormones”, which can help regulate the typical mood changes characteristic of periods.

2. Reduce pain: exercising during your period

Practicing moderate or light exercise during your period can reduce the typical lower abdomen pain (known as cramps) without the need to take any type of painkillers.

3. Have more energy for exercising during your period

It’s normal for women to not have a lot of energy during their periods. This is why they tend to sleep more, feel more tired, and don’t want to do anything. Therefore, it’s essential to exercise on those days because this will prevent apathy.

A woman with period cramps.

4. Avoid binge eating

Some women experience increased appetite while they’re on their period. If we add the fact that the abdomen swells and that we don’t exercise as much, you can even gain weight on those days. Something that you can avoid by exercising!

Tips for exercising during your period

Now you know the benefits of exercising during your period. Below, we give you some tips to help you get through these days in the best possible way and without neglecting your exercise routine:

1. Choose the type of exercise

Although you may not feel in the mood for a CrossFit or spinning session, you can opt for more relaxed exercises such as yoga, Pilates, or even walking. The important thing is that you don’t stop training on those days.

If none of these options appeal to you, then decrease the intensity of the exercise you choose during your menstruation.

2. Prefer water exercises

Although many say that it isn’t advisable to swim in a pool during your period, this is simply a myth. Swimming, aqua gym, or even making leg movements in the water can be beneficial when you’re on your period. They help relieve cramps and stimulate blood circulation.

3. Rest

Although you need to rest at any time of the month, this is even more important when you’re on your period. Keep in mind that your body is undergoing many hormonal changes, you’re losing blood, and you’re more tired. Therefore, reducing exercise intensity may be a good idea. And don’t forget to sleep eight hours every night as well!

4. Pay attention to your body’s signals

A little lower abdominal pain or discomfort is normal. However, if the cramps don’t even let you move, it’s best to stay home. The same goes if you’re bleeding more than usual. Perhaps it’s because you’re making bigger efforts than your body can tolerate.

A woman doing yoga.
Remember to warm up before practicing any of these yoga postures for menstrual pain.

5. Use adequate period products

Tampons, menstrual cups, and pads are all good options. However, this depends on each woman’s tastes. In any case, carry extra towels and underwear in your bag for any accidents.

We recommend you wear bigger underwear, similar to mini shorts. Also, you shouldn’t use tight workout pants. Another good idea is to opt for dark ones. The important thing is for you to be comfortable during the entire workout class or routine. Some sportswear brands sell exclusively designed workout clothes for period days.

6. Stretch well: exercising during your period

When you finish exercising, you need to stretch. This is especially essential during your period. Otherwise, you may experience greater lower back and abdominal pain. Take five to ten minutes to stretch and relax your muscles.

Also, we recommend that you take a hot bath when you get home or in the locker room to relieve possible pain. Finally, if you’re in a lot of pain, take an over-the-counter painkiller. Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor if you have any strange symptoms you aren’t used to.

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