The Most Famous MotoGP Championship Curves

Each MotoGP Championship has its most famous corners or curves. Would you add any other curves to this list? Keep reading to check them out!
The Most Famous MotoGP Championship Curves

Last update: 29 April, 2020

The MotoGP World Championship has covered lots of circuits throughout its history. Some have passed without pain or glory, while others are still part of today’s calendar. The same happens with curves: today, we’ll talk about some of the most famous MotoGP championship curves.

In fact, most don’t stop at just being curves and have become legendary. Then, fans gather around to see their favorite drivers pass them.

The most famous MotoGP championship curves

In this article, we’ll talk about the curves that, for one reason or another, are the symbol of their circuit. They have witnessed impossible maneuvers, spectacular passes, and, of course, falls.

The Laguna Seca corkscrew: MotoGP Championship

Without a doubt, the Laguna Seca corkscrew is the most famous corner of the MotoGP World Championship. What makes it so special is an “S” on a very steep descent. Therefore, drivers have to do their best to go through it successfully.

Here, we’ve seen some of the most spectacular overtaking in recent years. For example, Rossi and Stoner in 2008 were exceptional. ‘Il Dottore’ overtook Stoner in the middle of the descent of the corkscrew, exceeding the limits of the track. It left everyone with their mouths open!

The Laguna Seca corkscrew.

Years later, in the 2013 season, it was Márquez who overtook Rossi, imitating the overtaking he made to Stoner years ago. For this and more, this corner is a favorite for many fans.

Motorland’s corkscrew

We’re moving from one corkscrew to another. In this case, it’s at the Motorland circuit, which holds the Aragon Grand Prix. It’s located at turn eight and is a very steep descent where drivers have to brake very hard.

Motorland's corkscrew is one of the most famous MotoGP championship curves.

Since the first Aragon Grand Prix, there have been many comparisons with the Laguna Seca corkscrew. Every year, fans flock to this curve to see lots of excitement.

The first corner of the Circuit of the Americas

The Circuit of the Americas is one of the latest additions to the MotoGP World Championship. Built in 2012, its first corner is the most famous. In addition, it has a series of slow and fast curves that are also worth noting.

The Circuit of the Americas in the MotoGP Championship.

The main straight ends in a blind curve with a 41-meter drop; a steep slope that makes it truly spectacular.

The Maggots and Becketts curves at Silverstone

These two curves, in addition to being spectacular, are famous; in fact, they have decades of history in the MotoGP World Championship. Despite the many controversial renovations that the Silverstone circuit has gotten in recent years, the architects respect these curves.

They are two very fast corners. In fact, drivers take them at almost 185 miles per hour. Therefore, drivers need great technical skillsAlso, many believe that these two mythical curves were the inspiration for the design of the first part of the Circuit of the Americas.

First four corners of the Shanghai Circuit: MotoGP Championship

At the Chinese Grand Prix, the start is always spectacular. The first four corners, linked closely together, see the majority of overtaking in the race.

The Shanghai circuit.

Each of the four curves is tighter than the last. Finally, when the drivers reach the fourth, they find a funnel. Like most circuits today, Hermann Tilke designed it. In fact, he recognized that these early bends are inspired by yin and yang.


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