All You Need to Know About Padel

Padel tennis has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. After reading this article, you'll find out why!
All You Need to Know About Padel

Last update: 09 November, 2019

Padel tennis is a racket sport that’s a combination of tennis and squash. It’s ideal for players of all ages and abilities and as we previously mentioned, it’s one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. In this article, we’ll share all you need to know about this sport.

Padel was created in Mexico in the 1970s and it was created by a man named Enrique Corcuera. According to tales of old, he wanted to build a tennis court on his property but lacked the necessary space. Padel was then exported to Spain, where it now has more practitioners than tennis.

It’s a very social sport and it’s always played in teams of two. It’s also very easy to learn compared to other racket sports such as tennis. This means you won’t even need lessons before you start playing.

The court on which padel is played on is smaller than a tennis court. It’s also closed off by glass walls. Padel is less focused on strength and more on tactics and other mental aspects.

It’s a sport that’s gaining a strong following worldwide. In fact, it’s currently practiced in many countries. In Spain, it’s extremely popular, however, it’s also popular in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden.

Padel: a mix of tennis and squash

Padel tennis is a team sport that requires coordination. Jumps, volleys, attack, and defense are just some of the actions that are performed in a padel match. It’s a discipline that has everything you need if you’d like to improve your lower body strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Team padel

As we mentioned, it’s a sport that’s a mixture of tennis and squash. It’s also a sport that’s always played in teams and this provides social benefits. The court is a 20 by 10-meter rectangle that’s separated by a net and bordered by glass walls. Players have to aim to hit the ball above the net.

Similar to tennis, this game is played up to two or three sets. However, unlike other sports, gaining a point in padel is a lot more complicated than it is in tennis or squash. You’ll have to be patient and make sure you take the right shot at the right time if you’d like to leave your opponents without options.

Points are counted according to the rules of tennis, the only difference is that the walls are involved in the game. This also facilitates the development of exchanges. The trajectories and bounces that occur while playing padel offer completely new sensations!

The ideal sport for all social profiles

When you start playing, the pleasure of the game is experienced immediately. This sport is for all social profiles and ages. Each player is free to set the appropriate intensity for their specific level.

It’s also a sport that’s played equally by both males and females. In addition to being entertaining, it can also be an intergenerational sport in which grandparents, parents, and grandchildren can play together and have fun.

Padel match

As if that weren’t enough, it’s a very accessible activity for those who’ve never practiced sports before. To play padel you don’t have to be in excellent shape. In fact, it’s a very easy sport to learn and it requires less physical effort than other disciplines.

As you’ve seen, padel tennis is a fun and accessible game for all types of athletes. It’s undoubtedly an ideal game both for beginners and experienced athletes.

Another aspect to consider is that padel tennis is often practiced in private facilities or through associations that aren’t too expensive. There are also public spaces where padel can be played. Go ahead, give it a try to enjoy its many benefits!

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