The Benefits of Trampolines

Fun and a great way to reduce stress, trampolines are a perfect ally for doing sports and staying healthy. From improving our balance and coordination to helping us lose a few calories in a more enjoyable way. 
The Benefits of Trampolines

Last update: 23 December, 2018

Since our childhoods, we have all loved using trampolines and playing on them for fun, without knowing the many benefits that they offer. Jumping has become popular in many gyms and today we want to talk about why you should try it!

What jumping consists of

Jumping is a cardio exercise designed to burn calories and lose weight. It’s about making different movements to the rhythm of music while jumping on a trampoline. To make them broader, there is a handrail attached for us to hold on to.

It’s estimated that ten minutes of jumping equals half an hour of running, and you’re able to burn about 300 calories in that time. One hour of jumping can eliminate one thousand calories. Can you imagine?

Ten minutes of jumping equals half an hour running.

Benefits of trampolines

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of the main benefits is that it burns many calories, even more than other cardio sports. There are many more benefits to our health and appearance. These include:

Improving oxygen circulation

Consider that when we jump, we are moving our whole body. This makes the oxygen move faster and therefore, reaches tissues more easily.

Better circulation

Circulation and  blood flow  improve and are more fluid thanks to the fact that while being in mid-air when jumping, the body mass drops and this allows fluids to be redistributed throughout our bodies.

Activates the lymphatic system

This happens more or less the same way as the previous benefit. T he lymphatic system becomes activated when we’re jumping up and down repeatedly. We know that this is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies and immune system.

The lymphatic system activates when we're jumping and falling repeatedly.

Reduces glucose levels

Trampolines are ideal for people with diabetes or those who have spikes in their glucose levels. When you do an exercise consisting of repeated movements in which the heart rate rises and a lot of calories are burned, sugar is also used as a source of energy and is eliminated from the body.

Tones muscles

You know how weights are necessary for toning? Although this is still the case, exercising with trampolines is very good for toning your leg muscles. The effort they make when falling and pushing themselves up again will make the muscles in that area become ripped.

Activates the metabolism

You already know that exercises to make you sweat will activate your metabolism. A fast metabolism results in fat burning and weight loss.

Helps with stress and depression

What could be better for stress and sadness than having fun? In addition to sports, which is great for both emotional conditions, jumping on a trampoline is the most fun of them all. This is reflected by the improvement in a person’s mood.

Less impact

Besides being the equivalent of running three times as much, jumping doesn’t affect the joints. Running can injure people who already have problems in the knees or hips, while jumping is the perfect discipline for them. There’s no impact when jumping on a soft surface.


Let’s face it, it’s not easy to jump while trying to make the movements that the trainer is indicating. Stay calm, be patient, and continue to persevere. This will eventually lead to an improvement in your balance. The more you practice it, the more you will notice changes.

These are some of the benefits that our bodies receive thanks to doing sports with trampolines. Also, remember that great sports stores are already selling small trampolines at very affordable prices. You can have one at home without having to go to the gym. Are you ready to buy one?

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.