Discover a New Way to Train your Abs

Learn a slightly different way to work your abdominal muscles. It's ideal to do it continuously, but if you see that the routine is a lot of effort it may be necessary to take small breaks.
Discover a New Way to Train your Abs

Last update: 30 October, 2019

Doing the same abdominal routine every day can be tedious, and even unfavorable for the development of your muscles. Discover a new way to work your abs!

The abdominals are a group of muscles located between the thorax and the pelvis. As a rule, it’s usually a muscular group that is somewhat difficult to define, depending on the amount of fat that surrounds them. For this reason, it’s necessary to do exercises to eliminate accumulated fat.

Various factors influence your abdomen, such as diet, genetics and, of course, exercise. There are many routines that focus on abs. However, they all tend to be repetitive. So if you’re looking for something innovative…keep reading this article!

Dance and movement

This method to work the abdominals is used by dancers of different genres, such as classical ballet, hip hop or contemporary dance, among others. The way of working out is really effective and dynamic.

Group dancing Zumba for abs.

Although, despite being a workout used by many dance studios and companies, it doesn’t have a fixed name; some call it ‘fitness dance’ and others ‘fitness’. The truth is that it has a structure that tones and burns fat very effectively.


As for any routine, this type of workout requires preparation, physical conditioning as well. The pre-workout consists of a warm-up in which we’ll do cardiovascular and flexibility exercises.

Woman doing abs workout with a ball.

In view of the fact that the dancers usually work additionally to their dance hours, they probably have better conditions to deal with a long warm-up.

Bearing this in mind, it’s best not to do a long time to warm up. This way you’ll have more energy for the next workout. The warm-up can be 15 minutes of jogging and a short stretch.

Time to work abs!

When starting the abdominal workout it’s necessary to highlight the following aspects to ensure comfort:

  • Have a bottle of water handy.
  • Wear clothing and footwear that allows you to make any kind of movement.
  • Do your best to work in a large space.
  • Take short breaks if you get tired.

Now, the workout has two parts. The first is about cardiovascular exercises, and the second is toning and strength exercises. If possible put background music that has a fast and lively rhythm.

1. Cardio

This first part of the workout tends to be exhausting but it’s very important because these exercises are responsible for eliminating the fat that surrounds the abdominals. Work in the order that you prefer the following exercises:

  • Scissors jumps.
  • Skipping.
  • Alternating jumps in one leg.
  • Circular movements of hips.

The cardio must last for half an hour, so you can do 10 minutes of two exercises and another 5 minutes of the two remaining exercises. The idea is that the exercises go without pause between them, but if you get tired you can rest for one to three minutes.

2. Abdominal exercises

Putting the second part of the workout into practice is a bit more bearable, but do not trust yourself. It’s necessary that you have rested about 5 minutes after finishing with cardio.

Now, the exercises must be done quickly and accurately:

  • Navasana: this is a yoga posture in which you should sit on the floor and extend your legs upwards and keep your torso somewhat tilted back, forming a ‘V’. Your arms should be open at the sides, and your abdomen should be contracted.
  • Navasana with knee flexion: from the same previous exercise, but instead of maintaining the fixed position you must flex and stretch your knees. Be careful not to concentrate the force on the neck, but on the abdomen.
  • Knees to the chest: lying on your back takes momentum in the abdominals and raises the torso by bending the knees to your chest. This exercise must also be done without holding the floor.
  • Abdominal scissors: lying on the floor, place your hands under your buttocks and raise both legs about 3 centimeters from the floor. Now move one of them higher and alternate without touching the ground at any time.
  • Plank: support your elbows and feet on the floor. Keep your legs straight and look forward, your body should be totally straight.
Woman doing abs workout at home.

You must do these exercises continuously, but if you need to take a breath of air you can do it. The full duration is 30 to 45 minutes, so you can do an approximate of 6 or 10 minutes per exercise.

You can do this workout about three times a week. Accompany it with a good diet and you’ll see an excellent change in your abdomen. In addition, it’s a way of exercising that will bring out your full potential. Don’t wait anymore!

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