Who are the Best Women Tennis Players in the World?

Read about some of the most famous women tennis players in the world!
Who are the Best Women Tennis Players in the World?

Last update: 17 January, 2020

Women tennis players get less press than their male counterparts. But, these women have set many records. Moreover, some have surpassed the men in many aspects.

The Women’s Tennis Association doesn’t get as much press as that of the men’s, the ATP. However, the games are fascinating and deserve to be in the spotlight. That’s why, in the following article, we’re going to discuss the best women tennis players in history. 

Who are the best women tennis players of today and yesterday?

Some of the women players are still active. Yet, others have retired from the courts and from their participation in the WTA. These are the women tennis players who have won more titles and are considered to be the best in the sport

1.Martina Navratilova

Born in Prague, Martina became a naturalized US citizen in order to compete there. She won the Australian Open three times: in 1981, 1983, and 1985. In addition, she had three victories in the Masters. Even more impressive, she’s one of the three tennis players who won four Grand Slams. That was in the singles, the doubles, and the mixed doubles. At 50 years old, Martina retired from professional tennis in 2006.

Martina Navratilova playing tennis as described in the text.
                                                                                                             Image: The Telegraph

2. Serena Williams: one of the best women tennis players

This tennis player, born in Michigan, has nothing less than 23 individual titles in the Grand Slam. Also, she’s ranked number one in the WTA for 300 weeks.

Serena’s younger sister is Venus. Together they have eight Olympic medals. She’s the only player who has won the Golden Slam. This means that she won four tournaments and an Olympic gold medal the same year in individuals and doubles.

3. Steffi Graf

This is another one of the best women tennis players in history. What’s more, she was named the best athlete in this sport by the Associated Press.

Steffi was born in Germany and was the world champion seven times. She was the number one of the WTA for 377 weeks. Also, she won the Australian Open four times, six Roland Garros, seven at Wimbledon and five US Opens. She also won the gold medal in Seoul in 1988 and a silver medal in Barcelona in 1992.

Steffi Graf, on of the best women tennis players on the court supporting text
                                                                                                            Image: ABC

4. Chris Evert

Another great tennis player from the US is Christ Evert, who played from 1972 until 1989. As an amateur, she won 46 consecutive matches. And, as a professional, she was the first to win 1,000 games in the singles. In addition, she won four US Opens and seven Roland Garros. She was almost invincible on the clay court.

Chris Evert, one of the best women tennis players on the court to illustrate the text.
                                                                                                             Image: Tennis Worlds USA

5. Suzzane Lenglen

Even though she was born at the end of the 19th century, she ended up becoming one of the best women tennis players in history. A French player, she won 31 Grand Slam titles, 12 individuals, and was the first female to become a professional player.

In addition, she was the youngest woman to win the tennis open at 14 years of age. And, she still holds this record. In the 1920 Olympics at Amberes, she won two gold medals and one bronze.

Suzzane Lenglen, playing tennis, one of the first women tennis players, supports text.

6. Monica Seles

The Serbian-American ex-tennis player won eight Grand Sam titles before she was 20 years old. She was also number one in the WTA ranking and won four Australian Opens, three Roland Garros, and two US Opens.

Although her career advanced at record speed, she abandoned the courts for two years after being stabbed in the back during a match.

Monica Seles playing tennis supports text
                                                                                                              Image: Hindustan Times

7. Margaret Court

This was another of the best women tennis players. Born in Australia, she won 24 Grand Slam titles and holds other, impressive records. For example, she won all of the Grand Slams in three seasons and won them in all areas. She played professionally from 1958 to 1977 and was the number one of the WTA in 1973. What’s more, she won 92 titles in singles and 48 in doubles.

Margaret Court, one of the best women tennis players during a game, supporting the topic of the text
                                                                                                           Image: El Mundo

8. Billie Jean King: one of the most famous women tennis players

From California, this ex-tennis player is one of the best in the history of tennis. In addition, she was a pioneer for the rights of female athletes. She’s famous for her “battle” against Bobby Riggs, who wanted to show that men are superior. 

In 1973, she threatened to boycott the US Open since the prize money for women was less than that for men. During her professional career, she claimed 39 Grand Slam titles; 12 individuals, 16 women’s doubles, and 11 mixed doubles.

Billie Jean King on court, supporting the subject of the text
                                                                                                           Image: US Open

Other women tennis players who deserve recognition are Martina Hingis of Switzerland, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario of Spain, Maria Sharapova of Russia, Kim Clijsters of Belgium, and Gabriela Sabatini of Argentina. All have left their mark on this sport!

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